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Have you considered a healthcare career in Severe Illness and Chronic Disease Management? If you are a healthcare professional and seeking employment in an environment that is both rewarding and self fulfilling, then you should consider Transitions LifeCare.

Many times we hear, “I really admire and respect the work of HealthCare professionals in the later stages of life, it is so important, but isn’t it hard?” As Severe Illness and Chronic Disease Management HealthCare professionals, we know that when we are in our deepest despair, we have the greatest opportunity to learn. By embracing our sadness and fears, we have the greatest appreciation of and capability to experience joy. It is this work, which allows us the privilege of experiencing the struggle and opportunity for learning and serving humanity. We all have our own mental and professional yardsticks, those things that make us feel good about what we do professionally, who we’ve helped, the difference we’ve made, professional growth. Transitions LifeCare provides this opportunity, as you finish each day knowing you’ve made a difference.

Transitions LifeCare is committed to our patients, their families, our community, our referral sources and our employees. We understand and incorporate hiring qualified individuals with an enthusiastic passion for learning, then teaching them about Severe Illness and Chronic Disease Management Care, and retaining these employees for a long tenure, provides the highest quality continuity of care. It is this continuity and quality of care that builds trust with our patients, their families, our community, health care providers and referral sources.

Transitions LifeCare employees will know they are valuable team members, evidenced by the professional regard given to being properly trained, equipped, supported and empowered to “provide the right care for every patient, every time.”

If you are the individual who would enjoy an environment of growth, opportunity for learning, empowerment, and compassion, email the address below and attach your resume.

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We are an equal opportunity employer and offer competitive compensation, inclusive of PTO, Health and Dental and Vision Benefits.