Bereavement and Grief Support:

Understanding Grief

Grief is a natural response and reaction to the loss of a loved one. It is the emotional suffering one feels and experiences after the loss of a family member, friend, neighbor, patient or colleague. Our Bereavement and Grief Support team at Transitions LifeCare are here to assist you throughout this process.

Bereavement and Grief Support:

Transitions Life Care provides an ongoing bereavement follow-up to family members and friends for a minimum of 13 months following their loved ones passing. Whether you are a family member, caregiver, or a health care worker dealing with the loss of a patient, we will discuss and educate on the grief process and identify ways to help you through the process, as it is a natural process.

TLC Bereavement and Grief Support Services Include:

∞ Regular follow up phone calls for grieving support and resourcing.

∞ Letters and Bereavement Books mail outs over the first 13 month period. Our mail outs have information and resources on grieving, and provide additional direction and support.

∞ Grief and Loss Support interventions and visits are provided by the Chaplain and Social Worker upon request and as needed.

∞ Social Worker support is key part of our Bereavement and Grief Support. Social worker support is aimed at assisting bereaved loved ones with navigating all post mortem social challenges, providing direction and support for financial concerns and questions, community resourcing and much more.

∞ All questions and inquiries are welcomed for our Bereavement and Grief Support team. Our goal is to assist the Bereaved not only with managing Grief, but also to help navigate the challenges that follow losing a loved one.

Memorial Services:

Transitions Life Care understands that the loss of a loved one can be difficult, stressful and emotional. We are committed to helping our bereaved cope with their loss. TLC provides a special Celebration of Life and Memorial Program once a year, where we invite our staff and bereaved to attend as we remember and celebrate our loved ones. Notices are sent via the mail, however you can inquire with our Bereavement Coordinator for additional information.

Bereavement Coordinator:

Additional Bereavement and Grief Support resources can be found here