Dr_Edward_Rylander_smEdward E. Rylander, M.D.

Diplomat, American Board of Family Medicine
Diplomat, American Board of Hospice and Palliative Medicine

A 30+ year resident of Tulsa and one of the founding physicians of Family Medical Care of Tulsa and In His Image Family Medicine Residency Program, Dr. Rylander is a long-time practicing Family Physician and Educator. With his advanced training and board certification in palliative care, Dr. Rylander has a unique commitment to high standards and excellence in End Of Life Care. He remains, one of only a handful of physicians in the Tulsa Community, who are board certified in Palliative Medicine, and his commitment to improving the community’s understanding of end of life care is represented by 18 years of experience as a hospice medical director. In those eighteen years, he has overseen the plans of care for well over 5000 hospice patients, while educating hospice staff, health care providers, patients and their families regarding the palliation of symptoms, and pain associated with end of life transitions.

In his role as Medical Director, Dr. Rylander is responsible for the medical oversight of the hospice nursing staff and each patient’s plan of care. In addition, he has direct impact on the standards of excellence demonstrated in the hospice care provided by Transitions LifeCare.

e-mail: Contact@TransitionsLC.com

Deborah Brazeal

Chief Executive Officer/Administrator


As Administrator and CEO of Transitions LifeCare, Deborah brings over 30 years of healthcare experience to her native Tulsa and to the community needing Hospice and Palliative Care services. Her background includes a successful startup of several hospice companies, and experience with two national hospice organizations. The unique combination of experience she possesses; a national company’s leading edge on hospice accessibility, paired with understanding the importance of local presence and ownership, lend themselves to immediate and comprehensive response to the needs of referral sources, patients, families and employees. Her executive experience in hospital administration, home health care and delivery of ancillary services combine to provide a foundation for excellence in delivery of patient care.

In her role as Administrator, Deborah is responsible for the services and development of Transitions LifeCare.

e-mail: DBrazeal@TransitionsLC.com

Spencer Brazeal

Vice President and Director of Business Development


Spencer is an Alumnus Graduate of Oklahoma City University, in the field of Business Management/Administration. Spencer has experience in the healthcare industry with several Home Health providers, as the billing/accounts payable director and DME Setup Technician. Upon graduation from OCU, Spencer was a professional in Computer Assisted Surgery and Account Management for Medtronic, the world leader in medical technology providing lifelong solutions for people with chronic pain. His business experience also includes three and one half years within the US Army Corps of Engineers Fort Worth Division, as a Program and Project manager. Spencer was awarded the honor of participating in the nTEDI program, North Tulsa Economic Development Initiative, sponsored by Tulsa Mayor Kathy Taylor. Spencer is a resident of Tulsa Oklahoma.

In his role as Vice President and Director of Business Development, Spencer is responsible for day to day business development, board of directors oversight, community education and increasing access to Palliative Care and the Medicare Hospice Benefit. Transitions LifeCare’s team of Community Liaisons focus on education to the community and referral sources on the changing face of Hospice and Palliative Care Access and End Of Life Care resources. For information on Palliative Care, the Medicare Hospice Benefit and End Of Life resources, click the email link below to contact Spencer.

e-mail: SBrazeal@TransitionsLC.com

Joshua Brazeal

Chief Financial Officer and Director of Operations

Joshua is a graduate of Oklahoma City University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business. With over 10 years of hospice and palliative care administrative experience, Joshua brings a thorough understanding of the industry’s clinical and administrative operations. This experience combined with experience in customer service driven industries, such as banking and financial portfolio management, prepared Joshua as an owner and director of the Transitions LifeCare team. His varied background of working with people has provided him with a strong belief in the value of diverse experiences and that each person’s individual diversity brings meaningful value to the company. As Director of Operations, Joshua ensures that Transitions LifeCare is well staffed with clinicians and health care professionals who embrace Transitions LifeCare’s Core Values and Mission to provide high-quality, inclusive and compassionate end of life care; serving humanity and supporting hope.

His responsibilities include overseeing all business processes, as well as activities performed in office management, such as implementation of policies and procedures and records management.

Joshua has contributed to community projects with The Salvation Army and is a resident of Jenks, OK

e-mail: JBrazeal@TransitionsLC.com