The Footprint Foundation

 – A Not for Profit foundation founded by End of Life Care Advocates

Donations and Contributions to the Footprint Foundation are used in a variety of ways to assist our community’s End Of Life Care needs.

∞ Philanthropic  Initiative – Allows The Footprint Foundation to help support our mission of providing needed care to patients and families whose end of life needs are not reimbursed by Medicare or Medicaid, not covered by private insurance, and have no other coverage.  We are committed to providing end of life care to all who qualify, need and want services regardless of funding status.  This commitment is an integral part of the footprint we want to leave on our community. Unfortunately, without the assistance of our community we would not be able to provide care to all those who need and want services.  However the Philanthropic Initiative receives donations and contributions from family and friends of past patients, which assist with the associated cost of providing care to this patient population.

The End of Life services provided to those without insurance coverage are not reduced nor do we discriminate based on patient or family ability to pay. ALL patients and families receive the full scope of end of life care; inclusive of hospice care, as well as a minimum of 13 months of Bereavement support services for survivors.

∞ Special Needs Initiative – Provides support for the needs of patients and families that do not fall into the typical end of life coverage care plan. These can vary widely and each patient and family are unique. Examples of special needs could be assisting a patient and family with a wheel chair ramp, built to allow safer and more comfortable access to a portion of their home or assistance with travel costs for a family member who cannot afford to make it to their loved one’s bedside or funeral.

∞ Community Education Initiative – Provides end of life education to our community and is also an integral part of our footprint. Our end of life education can be internal or external, but is always guided by our commitment to a better understanding of how to serve the end of life needs of the communities in which we live; many times providing care to those who have cared for us. This initiative funded by donations is a fundamental part of providing inclusive end of life care in a diverse and growing community.

Thank you for your consideration in donating to help these patients and families.

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