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Jaymie Rosson

General Manager

jaymie rosson

About Jaymie

Jaymie Rosson is a dedicated and accomplished professional currently serving as General Manager at Transitions LifeCare, LLC. With a wealth of experience in healthcare administration and a passion for improving end-of-life care, Rosson has made significant contributions to the organization’s mission of providing compassionate and comprehensive services to individuals and families facing advanced illness. Possessing strong leadership skills and a deep understanding of the complexities of the healthcare industry, Rosson has successfully led the development and implementation of innovative programs and initiatives to enhance patient care and support within Transitions LifeCare.


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Transitions LifeCare, LLC

Our history of providing high-quality healthcare services in a number of settings is an achievement we are very proud of and speaks to our commitment to the community we serve.

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We are committed to providing end-of-life care to all who qualify, need, and want services regardless of funding status.

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