Hospice Care

Transitions LifeCare Hospice is a Medicare, Medicaid ADvantage and private insurance provider for Hospice Services. While hospice is only a part of the overall services of Transitions LifeCare, hospice care is the primary focus of TLC’s End of Life Final Transition initiative and to assist our community with a dignified and peaceful ending to lifelong journeys, for each of our patients and families.

We know from experience, our patients are often in pain, physically and emotionally when we meet them for the first time. Many times, our patients live alone and do not have the support of others in their homes. When these first meetings do include caregivers, we find they are mentally and physically exhausted, and desperate for alternatives in taking care of someone they love. These are the moments when illness robs us of hope and we feel so alone.

To those for whom scientific medicine can provide no cure, our hospice services provide care without requiring our patients and families to give up hope. We will join each patient and family where each are in their journey, praying for a cure, not giving up hope, embracing the life we currently have, taking it one day at a time, ensuring dignity and quality of life is the priority for each day.

Transitions LifeCare Hospice provides hospice services in our patient’s homes, regardless of the address; be it a house, a nursing home, a residential facility or a hospital room. We do not require our patients to have a caregiver in their home. Our team of hospice professionals will work together in delivering care which meets the unique and special needs of each patient and family. Every plan of care includes the commitment of our team; inclusive of a physician, a nurse, a social worker and a spiritual care counselor. With the care and support of this dedicated team, the loneliness of illness can be lessened. In addition, hospice can provide care which supports the patient’s personal dignity through care provided by certified home health aides, dietary counseling, physical therapy, speech therapy or occupational therapy.

The cost of caring for a loved one in today’s healthcare environment can be a tremendous financial burden. Hospice can relieve much of this burden by providing the above services as well as, medications, medical equipment and medical supplies related to the hospice diagnosis. The cost of hospice care is covered by Medicare for all eligible beneficiaries; there is no deductible, no co-pay and no “out of pocket” expense.

We are excited for this opportunity to serve North East Oklahoma, and we look forward to making a positive difference in the lives of the patients and families in these communities.