Bereavement and Grief Support

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Grief Services and Bereavement Support

Transitions LifeCare provides an ongoing bereavement follow-up to family members and friends for at least 13 months following their loved ones passing. Whether you are a family member, caregiver, or healthcare worker dealing with the loss of a patient, our staff will walk you through the grieving process and identify ways to help assist you.

bereavement and grief support

Transitions LifeCare Grief Support Services

Regular Follow-up Calls

Hear from our certified staff for grieving support and resourcing.

Bereavement Materials and Mailouts

We supply educational materials to teach coping strategies over the first 13-month period.

Grief and Loss Support Visits

The Chaplain and social worker, upon request, provide visits.

Social Worker Support

Assists bereaved loved ones in navigating post-mortem social challenges, financial concerns, community resourcing, and more.

Memorial Services for the Greater Tulsa Area

Transitions LifeCare understands that losing a loved one can be difficult, stressful, and emotional. We are committed to helping our bereaved cope with their loss, providing a special Celebration of Life and Memorial Program once a year, where we invite our staff and bereaved to attend as we remember and celebrate our loved ones. You can inquire with our Bereavement Coordinator for additional information.

Bereavement Coordinator:
[email protected]

Additional Bereavement and Grief Support resources can be found here

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